The Everyday Unicorn

There are many blogs and resources out there who address wellness. Some of which I frequently read and follow.. However, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with the perfectly curated images they present. It suggests that the path to being healthy and happy is a picture perfect one… which is often not the case. Add that to the lack of safe spaces specifically dedicated to the complexity of being a Black Woman, and I saw a real need to begin The EU

This space is named The Everyday Unicorn because it recognizes the fact that magic can be found in common, ordinary things. It reflects an ordinary life that isn’t polished or perfect… but still Amazing and full of Magic.

As a wellness advocate, I encourage you to be your authentic self and to find beauty in the process of growing and glowing. Everything I post in this space will be a reflection of that, and the magic it brings.

"I began The Everyday Unicorn as a way to connect with women similar to myself. Women who are navigating their way through life and trying to stay healthy and whole."
-Nataya Unique

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