About Me

Hi! I’m Nataya Unique.
Yes, my real name is Unique *smile*

I’m a wellness advocate who believes that in order to be healthy one must experience all of the beautiful pieces of life. You have to care for your whole self… mind, body, & soul.


I have degrees in both community psychology and clinical mental health counseling. As a traditionally trained counselor and psych researcher, I have a true appreciation for all things wellness related. My training has also shown me that being well is not a destination, it’s a journey.

"I began The Everyday Unicorn as a way to connect with women similar to myself. Women who are navigating their way through life and trying to stay healthy and whole." -Nataya Unique

There are many blogs and resources out there who address wellness. Some of which I frequently read and follow..

However, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with the perfectly curated images they present. It suggests that the path to being healthy and happy is a picture perfect one… which is often not the case. Add that to the lack of safe spaces specifically dedicated to the complexity of being a Black Woman, and I saw a real need to begin The EU

This blog is named The Everyday Unicorn because it recognizes the fact that magic can be found in common, ordinary things. But, most importantly, I consider myself an Everyday Unicorn because there’s nothing glitzy or glamorous about me, yet, I still live a life full of Magic & Beauty.

Thanks for coming and reading my blog! I hope you stay a while.

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Peace & Love, Always