How to be a Life Guru

Ok.. so maybe I mislead you just a little bit.
I am nobody’s Guru.
and I therefore can’t tell you how to be one.

But wait, let’s chat for bit.
Hear me out!

In this day and time, we are not at a shortage of finding people who can show us how to be our best possible selves. How to live our ‘Best Life’ . How to be all that we can possible be for us and to the world.
And well.. who the hell doesn’t want that?

There’s an abundance of amazingly beautiful girls, ladies, and women living glorious lives on earth. Jumping from planes, climbing mountains, birthing babies, commanding boardrooms and capturing it all in professionally landscaped pictures for us to see.

In fact some of these beautiful souls, with their bright golden skin and long, bouncing curly hair are streaming down my very timeline. And I love them to death, I will not lie.
They make me smile. keep me motivated. and I give them the utmost respect. Showering them with all the “yasssss Queen’ –s I’ve got because yes, they are killin it.

But hunny.. that ain’t me.
Not even on a good day.

I’ll never be one of those girls who will be able to wear all white and be good.
Like ever.
And for that reason I will never be able to truly relate to these women who seemingly have it all figured out and move through life so effortlessly.

Now before you chop my head off..


I realize that the lives these girls are displaying for the world is the cleaned up and glammed up version of their life.
The Brand.

But with that being said I think there is so much more depth in the imperfections of our steps.
Representation is so important. We saw as much with the most recent adaptation of Black Excellence in Black Panther and in recent year’s production of Hidden Figures and Wonder Women—and that’s just in the movies. We have actual figures like Serena and Lebron in sports, Stacey Abrams in Politics, Tamika Mallory and Eunique Jones Gibson working in our communities, and Issa Rae, Jordan Peele, and Ava DuVernay shining bright in hollywood (Just to name VERY few).

Representation is so important.
With the light being shown on the diverse success of women, especially Black women and women of color, it’s no wonder that girls who look like me are now growing up to truly believe they can do and be anything.

The internet has opened up this world of new opportunities and ideas and there is absolutely no reason for us not to be able to access the information that we need in order to be successful.

Hell, most of the things I’ve mastered in the last 6 years have come from my ‘YouTube courseswork’.
So, why are we are all still (at times) a complete and utter mess?
Insert Shrug

The reason I call myself the guru of gurus is because I am good at using my resources.
Whether its hair inspiration or workout routines..
dinner ideas or financial advice..
There’s not a shortage of IG “friends”, pinterest posts, or youtube vlogs I don’t have in my bag to reach from.

I decided only recently that I would take hold of a lot of things in my life.
My health. My finances. and most importantly, My happiness.

The beautiful thing about having control of your own self worth is that you can decide whether or not you’re going to let something rock you. whether what a person says or does to your person will affect you for a moment, or several moments.

It’s all on you.
What a responsibility.
What power.

And once you have that power it’s hard to ignore it..

And you begin to wonder how the hell you ever let “lesser than” individuals take that power from you!

So that’s the secret.

You didn’t have to read a book (or 40). And it didn’t cost you a thing.

The key to being a Guru at life, becoming the best Human possible, and living in happiness is owning your power and using your resources.

Constantly remind yourself that asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you colossal in every sense of the word. And you’re not just going to make one victory, but many. If you do this thing right, you’ll be consistently knocking shit down and making conquests like an endless game of Candycrush.

So, enjoy the ride. Because Life isn’t a destination, its a journey.
And you can pack all the revisions you need to help you along the way..

no judgement.

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