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The Rona (Coronavirus/COVID-19) has taught me a great many things. But one of the biggest ones is this idea of entrepreneurship… and how it’s not for everyone.

With the growing uncertainty of many jobs, folks have begun to fall back to something we call “the side hustle”. But more importantly, there’s been an undeniable renewed interest in creating a source of income that is all your own. And even those like myself (who are blessed with job security) found that all this time spent social distancing at home created space to explore ventures we haven’t been able to in the past. 

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A Boss Mentality

As a society, we have historically championed someone in high paying, high “status” jobs. i.e. Our doctors, lawyers, athletes, and even movie stars. In more recent years, however, there has been a significant shift in the public idea of success. No longer are such cookie-cutter careers seen as the only path to success. Contrastly, having your own [creative] business is now the accepted holy grail. Our scope may not be as limited as it used to be, but entrepreneurship is seen as a sign of both power and ingenuity so the expectations of this “American Dream” are still within range.

Starting a business is pretty straightforward. There are very specific steps you have to complete with somewhat intricate consideration of product, services., branding, and marketing. Not to mention (and perhaps most importantly) budgeting. But, in all, it’s absolutely doable. However, one thing they don’t tell you as a budding business owner is how all of this means nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) if you don’t have these three things.

  1. A Dream
  2. Drive
  3. Imagination

These Three Things

You have to have a dream, whereas you have to find a purpose in the work you do. People are attracted to authenticity, it creates a different kind of energy and vibe that can attract positive experiences. So if you don’t love what you do and you’re not passionate about your product or the service that you provide, how do you expect others to be? How do you expect others to create buy-in and provide you with support? It all goes back to energy and the law of attraction. If your energy isn’t circling positively around your endeavor it simply won’t succeed. You have to set intentions (just as you would in any other part in your life) towards your goals. When you put that intention into the atmosphere and follow it with the dream and passion you have for your brand… it’s bound to move you and others around you. 

Which brings us to the actual work… Your drive. And this goes back to ethics.

What is your work ethic?
Do you keep at a task until it’s done?
Do you make sure that everything you produce is done so to the very best of your ability?
Do you half-ass it when you’re tired or do you rest and come back to your work refreshed and ready to shine?

All of these things influence your drive. It’s not just the energy you have to complete something, it’s the care and integrity you complete something with. It’s who you are as a person and how that translates into your work. Your drive is what fuels your brand and tells the story of not only who you and what you do, but also how well you do it and why it’s different from everyone else doing something similar. 

And lastly, imagination. innovation. adaptation. You have to have it.

The thing with life (and business alike) is the way things can go very wrong very quickly. As a business owner, you have to be ready to put out fires and build anew at any given time. You have to be ready to face your upsets and see them as challenges, and the best (maybe only) way to do that is with an imaginative eye. Everyone is not a creative. In fact, the world is functional because there is a good balance of creators and non-creators. but one thing every single one of us has the power to do is use our imagination. it’s not only how we keep going when problems arise, but it’s also what keeps things new and exciting. It’s how we’re able to stay true to who we are while opening up to growth opportunities. 

So no, I’m not a business mogul or multimillion entrepreneur. I’m barely a small business owner. But in speaking with successful owners and observing others’ in my particular field (mental health, wellness, personal advocacy) I’ve been able to glean these key three things and add them to my skill set. 

As a new *Boss*, I am just beginning to see all of the complex things that must be considered when maintaining a business. These three mentioned soft skills (having a Dream, Drive, and Imagination) have proven to be KEY in helping me grow and be successful.

At least that’s the way I see it.

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